Packers and Movers in Trivandrum

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Packers and Movers in Trivandrum

Packers and Movers: Who are we and what we do?

Moving to a new city, a new place or a new office is the most exciting news ever. Moving is the beginning of a new life, it provides us with an opportunity to restart our life with a clean slate. However moving is also a stressful job, a lot to take care of before moving day arise. You need to cancel daily services, change address and shift bank accounts. The stressful part of moving day is the packing and shifting of our belongings. This is where packers and movers come into the picture.

Who are packers and movers?

Packers and movers are service providers that take care of the task of safety packing our belongings and delivering to the desired destination. They undertake the task of packing our clothes, furniture, cutlery, décor items and etc. Most of the packers and movers in Trivandrum offer their services in multiple cities. They provide the necessary transport to carry our belongings to the desired destination.

Hiring a packers and movers services makes it easy for shifting our belongings within the city or to a different one. 

What do packers and movers do?

Hiring packers and movers do ease the job of moving but while hiring a packers and movers base your decision on the quotation and services provided. Pick one based on your relocation, for instance in are relocating in Trivandrum, hire local packers and movers in Trivandrum. Packers and movers usually take an inventory of the items at home before giving a quotation.  

Once the packers and movers are finalized, they would visit your home with their team. They would bring all the necessary items for safely packing and carrying the belongings like cardboard boxes, tissue papers, bubble wraps, duct tape and etc. They would start the packing either on the day of moving, it is important that you be present at the time of packing the movables and respectively carrying them for transport.

A hired packers and movers in Trivandrum will provide you with a document containing terms with regard to their services. These terms include their obligation to deliver the belongings on time at the decided place. This document will be handed over to the person hiring their services before starting the packing process. 

Packers and movers also offer the services of insurance coverage for the belongings that need to be moved. Addition cost will be charged for insurance cover; however, such insurance cover compensates the loss or damage that may occur under the unforeseen circumstance.


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