Car Transportation in Kochi

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Car Transportation in Kochi

Companies for safe and efficient delivery of cars in Kochi

You need the help of professionals for shifting your expensive car to a new location when you relocate to another place. There is no need to make the effort of driving down your car to new place located a long distance away from your current home. The companies involved in Car transportation in Kochi provide doorstep to doorstep delivery of cars. All the major cities of the country are serviced by the car transportation companies in Kochi. Thus, whether you are shifting to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or any other place in the country, the car transportation companies are at your disposal for safe delivery of your car. 

Safe loading and transportation 

Car carrier trailers, covered car containers, covered trucks and other kind of vehicles specially designed for car transportation are available with the car transport companies in Kochi. Hydraulic ramps and other equipments are used to safely load the cars on the vehicles. Open trailers are mainly used for regional transportation while covered car carriers are usually deployed for interstate transportation.

The car carriers have a number of safety features which protect the cars from scratches and dents during transit. These include safety chains, locks and wheel stoppers. Safety belts are also used to keep the car in its fixed position throughout the journey. Many additional safety equipments are also present in modern car carriers to provide extra protection. The seats of the car are covered using special seat cover to protect them against dirt. The key of the car is packed in a sealed pouch so that there is no chance of anyone driving the car. The ultimate aim is to deliver the car in the same condition as received at the pickup location. 

The companies offering Car transportation in Kochi pick up cars right from the homes of the clients or the location mentioned by the clients. There is no need to drive the car to any pickup location. The car is delivered to the final destination without the need to drive it at any stage of the journey. 

The date and time of pickup and delivery are decided as per the requirements of the clients. 

Car storage 

Apart from Car transportation in Kochi, some companies in the city also offer storage facilities for cars. Car storage is offered for both private as well as corporate clients. Processing facilities such as de-waxing, compliance plating, etc. for imported cars are also provided by some companies in Kochi. 

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