Car Transportation in Ernakulam

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Car Transportation in Ernakulam

One stop destinations for all your moving needs in Ernakulam

When it comes to professional solutions for all your relocation needs, there is no dearth of options in Ernakulam. Whether it is domestic relocation, international relocation or warehousing, there are professional packers and movers in Ernakulam for the job. Apart from goods relocation, many companies also offer Car transportation in Ernakulam. Thus, these companies are versatile in their services and are one stop destinations for all kinds of relocation services. 

Domestic relocation 

Packers and movers in Ernakulam provide professional relocation service for both domestic households and corporate offices. The household items such as furniture pieces, electronic gadgets, wardrobes, decor items, etc. are packed by professional workmen using high quality packing materials such as corrugated sheets, cartons, bubble wraps, etc to prevent any kind of damage during transit. Office items such as computers, desks, chairs, printers, documents, etc. are also packaged securely. The goods are loaded onto trucks and trailers and delivered to any location in the country. The goods are safely delivered to the location instructed by the client. Insurance cover is also provided to the goods in case of accidents and mishaps. 

International relocation 

Whether you are moving into foreign country and want your household goods to be shipped to that country or you want to export goods to some other country, a reputed packer and mover dealing in international relocation is necessary. There are many packers and movers in Ernakulam with a good record in international shipping. The goods are transported by air or sea route depending upon the weight of the cargo and other factors. The professionals of the packers and movers arrange for all the paperwork needed for international movement of goods. 

Car transportation 

When it comes to Car transportation in Ernakulam, the clients do not face any problem because most packers and movers offer this service. The packers and movers have fleets of car carriers of various types to transport cars all over the country. The car carriers are specially designed to safely deliver the cars to final locations. The cars remain under supervision during transit with the help of GPS for safe delivery. 

Heavy cargo transportation 

Some packers and movers also specialize in transporting over dimensional cargo. These are heavy cargo which needs special expertise for transportation. Rail coaches, cranes, heavy machines, etc. are some examples of over dimensional cargo.


Packers and movers in Ernakulam offer well maintained warehouses for storing all kinds of goods ranging from household items to export cargo. The warehouses are well protected against rain and pests and are provided round the clock security.

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