Car Transportation in Cochin

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Car Transportation in Cochin

Host of reliable and professional car relocation services in Cochin

When you are shifting to a new location, all your personal belongings need to be shifted safely to the new property. Furniture and other household items are packed in trucks and other vehicles and transported to the destination. However, car either needs to be driven down to the new location or you need a professional car relocation company to do the job. A car relocation service is ideal especially when you are shifting to a long distance location and it is tiresome to drive the car for such a long distance. There are many companies dealing in Car transportation in Cochin. Such companies specialize in transporting cars safely through long distances right up to the doorsteps of their clients. 

Types of car carriers 

The companies offering Car transportation in Cochin have fleets of customized car carriers. The car carriers are suitable for transporting all kinds of cars such as sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, luxury cars, etc. Multiple car carriers which can hold many cars are also available. Multiple car carriers enable the transport companies to transport and deliver many cars belonging to different clients at the same time. Multiple car carriers are also useful for clients possessing 2 or more cars. For expensive luxury cars, enclosed trailers are available which afford extra protection to the cars against external elements. 

Booking car transportation 

Most of the companies offering Car transportation in Cochin provide instant online quotes and online booking. You simply need to enter the various details such as information about your car, pickup and destination location, date of pickup, etc. Price quotes for standard passenger vehicles are provided by the car transport companies. Booking confirmation is sent by email or fax once you have booked the service. 

Car inspection 

The car is inspected for existing damage by the car transport company prior to loading onto the carrier. A vehicle condition report is prepared on the basis of the inspection which is handed over to the car owner. The owner can inspect the car for damages after it is delivered and can claim damages if there are dents or scratches which do not appear in the vehicle condition report. 

Preparing the car for transport 

All items present in the car must be removed prior to transportation. The fuel level must be less than quarter of the tank to decrease the weight of the car as is required by many car transport companies. The company may also ask the car owner to disable the alarm system of the car.

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